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Maurizio Togni has successfully led and implemented various business and IT transformation projects & programs. The main focus is on strategy development, innovation, organization and processes as well as supporting successful project implementations (see extract below).

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  • From strategy to specific organizational structure - Swiss utility
    A Swiss public utility uses the market liberalization to review the corporate strategy and the mission statement. Projects and activities were evaluated and prioritized, and the implementation plan was set. Management and Commission representatives were supported in the decision-making processes and development of the strategy with know-how, specific inputs, coaching and recommendations for the organizational structure.

  • New business models and strategic options - Swiss utility in a mountainous canton
    The energy sector is undergoing an intense transformation. Market opening, liberalization and increased customer demands puts energy providers (utilities) and distribution system operators (particularly small and medium-sized enterprises) under pressure to act. The "Impresa Elettrica Comunale di Poschiavo" (IECP), supplies energy to the municipality of Poschiavo and the surrounding region and is evaluating new business models and a more efficient organizational structure. TM.RESULTS supported this process with market know-how, industry and technology expertise and a range of measures to help guide the workshops and integrate all participating groups in the discussions. (IECP)

  • Finding new business opportunities and income streams - Swiss utility
    Swiss energy companies reported declining yields from conventional energy production. Which businesses and new revenue streams are available to exploit the current extensive infrastructure and also make the company immune to the volatility of electricity prices? Axpo relies on secure data network services and on TM.RESULTS to help ramp-up a sustainable new business segment. Analyses, strategy workshops and evaluations are only some of the measures that bring content, personnel and infrastructure together under one roof. (Axpo)

  • Collaborating for market success – nine utilities open a joint service center
    ENERTI SA in the canton of Ticino gets ready for the future by checking the strategy, enabling synergies and optimizing infrastructure and services. The partnership of nine regional utilities relies on TM.RESULTS to help set-up a joint service center. All relevant departments and divisions are involved through interviews, coaching and workshops. The business plan builds on efficiency and customer focus. Careful and disciplined execution of the project plan results in a successful start for the joint service center.

  • Optimized customer service with 360° customer information/CRM
    Develop the CRM strategy and requirements, evaluate countless offers on the market to evaluate the right system, bring the right IT partner on board, and finally, integrate the system into the existing infrastructure; TM.RESULTS supported the Aziende Industriali di Lugano (AIL) SA to develop a CRM strategy, select the right solution, identify the appropriate partner and plan and implement the ramp-up.

  • Strategy profile and strategy map
    Support and coaching of management team to help develop and document the strategy: (i) strategic profile; (ii) "strategy map": vision, mission, values, differentiation, strategic objectives, KPI, identification of strategic initiatives, and (iii) lay out the roadmap. (Swiss multi-utility)

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