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Sales process optimization

How do you attract, maintain and develop profitable customers?

The Swiss energy market is changing and utilities can profit more than ever by implementing professional and optimized sales and communications processes!

The first phase of liberalization allowed major customers to choose their energy supplier. The second stage changes planned for 2018 opens this option to all market participants.

To effectively exploit these new market conditions, TM.RESULTS helps your management and account teams optimize the sales processes:

  • Qualify leads – systematically acquire targeted customers
  • Improve sales successes – exploit the potential of existing customers
  • Improved first calls and shorter sales cycles – profit from best practices
  • High credibility – with a consulting-oriented sales approach
  • Optimize customer value – focus on the customer's goals
  • Ensure repeat business – improve customer satisfaction
  • Accurate forecasts – through effective sales project reviews

A short video illustrates the difficulties of this work – take a look!

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