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"Thanks to the support from TM.RESULTS, we have a long-term overview of the ever-changing regulations, even as a local utility. From the first moment on, our collaboration was very professional, extremely knowledgeable, very efficient and friendly."

Diego Orelli,
Chairman of the Board, AECB


Initially, the opening of the energy market resulted in a wave of cost regulations. In Switzerland – and other European markets – the liberalization will probably lead to a regulation by incentive. Since 2010, all utilities are required to submit a detailed report to the ElCom (Swiss Federal Energy Commission). In 2009, this applied only to the 100 largest companies; now every utility is required to disclose their network costs and revenues, as well as energy costs and revenues from the customers with universal service coverage.

Carrying out this process for the first time confronts the utility with rules and requirements that affect the entire report. It is necessary to adapt internal reporting to the regulations, train the staff about these requirements and maintain a dialogue with the ElCom.

Having an experienced expert facilitates the internal and external processes; TM.RESULTS supports utilities during each of these steps with in-depth analysis and adaptation of existing structures to the new requirements.

Opening of the energy market – getting through regulations, network costs and new tariffs

The utility faces a complex task: correctly collect the required technical and commercial data in a report for ElCom, create a basis for the cost structure and develop new tariff plans. This is an elaborate process that demands considerable additional efforts by the organization and its employees. To efficiently set up the procedures, it is important that the utility adapt its internal structures.

TM.RESULTS immediately saw what needed to be changed in the current structures to integrate the new regulations into the processes. A close look at accounting, cost accounting and resulting tariff models helped implement a seamless transition and meet the regulatory deadline.

TM.RESULTS supported and managed this process with the following activities:

  • Careful investigation and meticulous analysis of the technical and commercial data
  • Evaluation of the network and systems
  • Unbundling of cost accounting and putting flexible structures in place for future reporting
  • Create a framework to redefine network costs and revenues as well as general energy costs and revenues
  • Develop a tariff structure model (incl. business case) and define new tariffs
  • Energy procurement: Negotiate with the relevant utilities and simultaneously maintain the discussion and coordination with ElCom - including the on-time submission of all required documentation

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