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"It was important for us to have a strong and experienced professional who could guide and support us during the realignment. TM.RESULTS played a key role in our transformation."

Mauro Suà,
Managing Director, Aziende Municipalizzate Bellinzona AMB

Both entrepreneurial vision and strategic competence are needed to fully benefit from the opportunities and potential of creating a multi-utility in a rapidly changing market. At the same time, a multi-utility creates a corporate environment that enables the sustainable and realistic development of innovative business perspectives for the future.

A multi-utility must be professionally organized and evolve continually to be able to implement future-oriented processes. An efficient organization and processes promote flexibility and decision-making – which also motivates employees to actively shape their areas of responsibility.

How do we position a company in a rapidly changing market?

A Swiss multi-utility intended to improve their strategic orientation, strengthen their market position and increase customer focus.

TM.RESULTS supported the realignment by monitoring the strategy process, coaching management and participating in the dialogue with the regulatory authorities.

  • Developing the strategic profile
  • Designing the "Strategy Maps" (vision, mission, values, competitive advantage, strategic objectives, KPI, identifying strategic initiatives)
  • Develop strategic scenarios
  • Identify, evaluate, and select strategic options
  • Develop and document the strategic plans
  • Determine and focus the roadmap

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