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"Tact combined with a healthy dose of determination is needed for a change in leadership. TM.RESULTS supported us with a reassuringly structured approach, while keeping our corporate culture in the spotlight."

Paul Hager,
Chairman of the Board, KUSTER+HAGER-Gruppe AG

The generation change or sale of a company presents a major challenge to all involved parties. This affects the entrepreneur as well as his family, employees and successors. A management change carried out in a determined and sensitive manner can provide optimal conditions for employee motivation, product innovation and strategy development.

It is important to preserve past achievements and also set ambitious goals for the future. This milestone should be prepared in advance in order to carefully initiate and carry out the necessary processes.

TM.RESULTS is a neutral and attentive advisor who can help channel and harmonize diverging interests. The professional project support contains a detailed analysis of policy options and a preparation of guidelines for decision-making . This extends to a detailed discussion of strategy that will define the future direction of the company.

Business Succession – Leverage an opportunity into a competitive advantage

Two generations of the family ran the company and now the third generation is about to assume the mantle. The strategies, structures and core competencies that have developed over decades can now be examined in the course of this transition and evaluated for their relevance and viability.

TM.RESULTS carefully and skillfully managed this process. The detailed analysis of possible management succession options (whether internal with the family or external), was an optimal approach to help the owners and the Board of Directors come to a decision.

  • Review of previous achievements and assets – including employees, finances, core competencies, organization, market position, etc.
  • Moderate the strategic discussion of the company's vision, objectives, values and success factors.
  • Develop family/owner strategy.
  • Highlight and evaluate scenarios and options for action.
  • Develop and implement action plans and set priorities.
  • Prepare, implement and evaluate workshops.

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