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"In a very short time we realized a new business model and developed and implemented a realistic business plan – guided competently and carefully by TM.RESULTS; this translates into innovation for our customers and reduced organizational costs."

Dr. Daniele Lotti,
Chairman of the Board ENERTI SA


The opening of the energy market often leads to close collaboration between the utility companies at the regional level. The challenge is to successfully exploit new opportunities by optimizing costs and meeting increased regulatory guidelines (i.e. incentives) for the coming waves of liberalization. Maintaining the identity of the individual utility is important in the collaboration. The constant changes in the market demand quick adaptation of their processes and procedures by the stakeholders to meet market changes, customer needs and regulatory requirements.

How is a joint regional service platform developed for success in the market?

ENERTI SA, a collaboration of nine major utilities in the canton of Ticino, intended to test their strategy to better exploit the synergies of the utility members and to develop a flexible and cost-optimized service platform. This increases the competitiveness of the utilities, enables innovative solutions and valuable services to about 290,000 end users.

The goal was to create a common vision and strategic objectives, and formulate the services for the ramp-up of a technical and administrative service center. Furthermore, the organizational structure was finalized and the development and implementation of a business plan was monitored. These efforts comprised the following areas:

  • Material procurement and transparent inventory management
  • Key Account Management at regional/national levels
  • Metering platform (ZFA/EDM)
  • Energy management consulting for large accounts and municipalities (energy efficiency, renewable energy, etc.)

Maintaining a market position: Nine utility companies form a joint service center

For the implementation of this program, TM.RESULTS provided detailed analysis, strategic input, practical coaching and project management:

  • Defined the strategic direction of ENERTI (vision and strategic objectives)
  • Set-up/synthesis of the business model
  • Definition of operational and organizational structures
  • Development of the business plan for a shared service center
  • Definition of roadmap, communications and implementation plans
  • Documenting and presenting the results
  • Project management and process support (prepare, implement and facilitate meetings, workshops and interviews)
  • Directing and guiding the implementation process with company-wide work groups for services, technology, finance, HR, administration and legal

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