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"To support eight different management teams and – above all – unite them under a common strategy is certainly not easy. Maurizio Togni managed this complex process competently and with a sure instinct. We were able to crown our efforts with a visionary and simultaneously workable plan for the new company."

Romano Albertalli,
Chairman of the Board, Energia del Moesano SA

Due to their size and limited portfolio, mid-sized and small utilities are often unable to complete all tasks efficiently and cost-effectively.

Competition, volatile energy prices, cost pressures, regulatory measures and promotion of renewable energy - these keywords identify some of the challenges of the current liberalization process within the energy markets. Many utilities will need to decide whether they need to strengthen their position through strategic cooperation or a merger.

We bring different utilities together to form a competitive and powerful company. What does this mean?

The transformation into a multi-utility is challenging but also provides significant benefits. This path gives interested parties an opportunity to raise their individual profile in the new structure and demands a clear commitment from everyone. TM.RESULTS supported eight regional utilities from Graubünden in the strategic and practical aspects of this process, including the following steps:

  • Support and coach the Boards of Directors and management teams
  • Analysis of the eight utilities
  • Development of a shared vision, strategy and long-term business plan
  • Establish an efficient and professional organizational structure
  • Laying out the roadmap

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