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"In this dynamic market, we need a partner who quickly and unequivocally recognizes our strategic requirements and operational needs. TM.RESULTS clearly convinced us."

Gaby Krapf,
Municipal Energy Commission President, Stadtwerke Gossau


"By cooperating with TM.RESULTS we benefit from their profound technical knowledge of the energy markets and the political environment. The workshops were a key tool – focused on the essentials, led efficiently and clearly structured."
Beat Lehmann,
Director, Stadtwerke Gossau


The consequences of the liberalization of the energy market are already visible today for many municipal utilities in Switzerland. Tougher competition and more stringent regulations are strategic and operational challenges for these companies. Against the background of an evolving market and changing regulations, company processes, activities and infrastructure need to be reviewed – to develop sustainable solutions together with the whole company.

Management and Commission representatives are faced with the task of successfully guiding their company through the next decade during a period of profound change. Sound preparation, extensive know-how and coherent arguments will be needed to take bold and innovative steps.

Moving from strategy to tangible structure

The Gossau municipal utility wanted to get an early jump on the liberalized energy market by adjusting their strategy, organization and processes. The path for a future-oriented company was set in ten weeks.

The objectives of the strategy process were:
  • Strategy and mission statement review
  • Select and prioritize the resulting strategic projects
  • Test the efficiency and effectiveness of all departments in the organization
  • Develop a forward-looking process and an organizational structure
  • Prepare a roadmap, communication plan and recommendations for implementation
TM.RESULTS supported the company with strategic expertise, specific inputs and coaching sessions. The following areas were covered:
  • External project management and process support
  • Prepare and manage meetings, workshops and interviews
  • Design of the strategy and recommendations for the process and the organizational structure
  • Document the results
  • Management team coaching and implementation support

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