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Breaking away from energy price trends


"Finding new business opportunities demands a fresh mind and results-oriented methods. TM.RESULTS helped us move into new businesses by giving us a clear view of the facts and leading to a decision supported by all. Extremely effective.“

Dr. Herbert Wanner,
Head of Business Development, Axpo Power AG

Breaking away from energy price trends –
finding new business opportunities and income streams

Low wholesale energy prices and the end of minimum exchange rates for EURO / CHF have impacted the results of Swiss energy providers. Asset values are affected and the yields of larger power plants have come under pressure. Due to the declining income from conventional energy production, energy providers are evaluating innovative solutions and new business opportunities – uncoupled from energy prices and with independent income streams.

Which business segments can help leverage existing infrastructure and render utilities immune to energy prices?

Maintaining a robust and readily available communication infrastructure is imperative for emergency services (rescue and security organizations and authorities) that need secure communications in any critical situation, such as during a blackout. The current megatrend of digitization also highlights the growing demand for crisis-proof broadband data networks, both for the public and private sectors. Networks and services must have guaranteed maximum availability and be protected against unauthorized access.

How can federal and cantonal security authorities maintain communications during a blackout with Axpo’s crisis-proof data network services?

As a leading Swiss energy company, Axpo relies on crisis-proof systems for network operations and production. To keep the network and production systems running even when faced with a collapse of the electrical grid, Axpo depends on a robust and crisis-proof telecommunications network. Together with strategic partners, Axpo provides this infrastructure and expertise to public security authorities.

TM.RESULTS supported the Axpo project teams by providing professional assistance to help define the new business segment of «secure data network services». This support role included:

  • Methodical analysis of the current situation (company internal market & competitive analysis)
  • Identify and evaluate potential strategic options and partners
  • Development of a partner strategy and partner model
  • Development of the value chain for secure data network services
  • Development of the business model and the business segment strategy
  • Define the portfolio and the marketing mix (4P) for secure data network services
  • Estimate the market potential and develop a business case
  • Develop a realistic schedule for implementation

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