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Strategy development for an association



"As an association with over 600 member companies, we need a partner who can deal with and understand our organizational complexity and our challenges, such as the various interests of our members. TM.RESULTS immediately recognized our situation, and provided the necessary expertise, skillful guidance and results-oriented perspective during the strategy development process."

Dr. Anton Kilchmann,
Director, Swiss Gas and Water Association SVGW/SSIGE


An association gets fit for the future for its members -
SVGW positioning and strategy development

For 140 years, the Swiss Gas and Water Association (SVGW) has represented the interests of about 500 water and 100 gas utilities. The SGWA and member companies are active in markets that are undergoing profound changes; they require a strategic review.

In view of the emerging changes (for example, the Energy Strategy 2050, the energy grid liberalization, technological developments, globalization, municipal mergers and mergers of utilities, climate change, etc.) the non-profit organization set a goal to review and the association strategy and adapt it to the new requirements. The aim was to integrate and take into account the needs of all stakeholders in the solution.

An association's strategic rate adjustment

TM.RESULTS supported the SGWA with a strategy development process that respected the particular characteristics of the association. This included project management, carrying out workshops, surveys and developing the strategic direction of the SGWA and its offices:

  • Prepare the project with detailed planning, project script, documentation layout and identify the goals.
  • Determine member company expectations and satisfaction levels, develop and implement a survey, evaluate the results.
  • Check the technical, scientific and energy policy environment and adapt the strategic direction accordingly.
  • Identify and evaluate action items.
  • Revise the association and office strategy in workshops with the Board of Directors committee: identify success factors, define and prioritize business and strategic initiatives.
  • Moderate and support discussions and conclusions.
  • Create a roadmap with action items.
  • Prepare decision process for the new strategy.
  • Present the strategy to the Board.

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